Tilt Turn Windows

The tilt turn window is a dual functioning European window that makes a big statement visually and functionally.  The tilt turn style allows the glass to tilt in from the top for ventilation or turn in from the side for additional airflow.  A unique benefit of this window is it allows you to easily and safely clean the interior and exterior glass from within the comfort of your home.  Dimensions of up to 2.5 sq. m. are achievable!

Folding Windows

The folding window creates an innovative addition to your design project!  The window can be opened completely by folding the panel’s accordion style to one or both sides, depending on configuration.  Many different configurations and frame styles are available which allows us to customize this product for each project.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are a perfect solution for increasing your view and natural light in areas where ventilation is not required. Dimensions of up to 7.5 sq. m. are achievable!

Window Handles

Hoppe’s Atlanta window handles are kept in stock in all available finishes in basic, button, or keyed.

Hoppe also has a much wider selection of handles, though any custom handles would be shipped separately to the windows.


A choice between visible and hidden hinges.


Glass can often be neglected as unimportant when purchasing your windows, apart from choosing between dual and triple glazing. In fact, glass has quite a few functions, and can be quite specifically chosen for each elevation or even more specifically per window.

There are 4 standard glass packages we offer by Saint Gobain:

  • Standard: 4/18/4/18/4mm triple glass, Argon both spaces, 2 Low E coatings
  • Over-dimensional: ESG6/12/6/12/ESG6mm Tempered glass. Argon, 2 Low E.
  • Frosted/Decorative: 4/18/4ORN/18/4mm triple glass, Argon both spaces.
  • High Efficiency: 4/12/4/12/4/12/4mm quad glass. Krypton all spaces, 3 Low E.

6mm tempered triple glass must be used in window panes/sections larger than 2 square meters or when glass extends down to floor level.

Quad glazing is available only for aluminium windows.


SDL: Simulated Divided Lite when grid is between the panes of glass, as well as interior and exterior. The glass is not split into the sections and therefore less affecting to thermal heat transfer. Many colours are available to match the window frame.

  • Bars are available in widths of 20mm, 30mm 46mm and 66mm

Muntin: when grid is positioned between the panes of glass only making the glass easier to maintain. The glass is not split into the sections. Many colours are available to match the window frame inside and out.

  • Bars are available in widths of 8mm, 18mm, 26mm and 45mm

Mid-post: A mid-post will split the glass up into sections. The mid-post will match the thickness of the window frame and in widths of 77mm, 85mm or 104mm. Mid-posts can be Renolit coated the same as the window frame and in any colour.

Grid layout can be designed in any configuration, but these are the most common:


Standard Satinovo frosted glass has a shorter production lead time than other decorative glasses.


Neuluxe windows use ‘Swisspacer Ultimate’ which is a high performance warm-edge spacer. The glass spacer serves multiple purposes.


The values below refer to the combination of Low E coatings in our standard 4/18/4/18/4mm glazing package for each window.

  • Climatop XN – usually used in north and east facing windows.
    • Ug: 0.6 (U value of glazing unit only, tested at 1.1 square meters)
    • LT: 74% (light transmission)
    • SHGC: 54% (solar heat gain co-efficient)
  • Climatop ONE – Low heat gain, used in south and west facing windows.
    • Ug: 0.6
    • LT: 57%
    • SHGC: 37%
  • Eclaz – Used in some applications when solar heat gain is required.
    • Ug: 0.5
    • LT: 77%
    • SHGC: 60%


Windows and Doors can become a major design element in your home, and can play a big part in styling the exterior and interior finishes. We enjoy offering major freedom in the colour and texture of the windows and doors we provide.


Finishes include all RAL Classic colours, either painted or anodized. A painted finish on a window is normally semi-gloss, but gloss or flat are optional. An anodized finish is flat and rougher than paint, but tough and less subjective to fading; an electro-chemically bonded finish for Aluminium. When choosing, your choice of finish will affect the price of the windows, but the colour will not (painted semi-gloss being standard). Interior and exterior colours should be chosen, and we can send an RAL Classic swatch to assist in your choice.


White UPVC is commonly left unfinished, however, adding a coloured Renolit film can add style points and increase the durability of your windows. Renolit is a thermo-plastic film which is ‘baked on’ to the UPVC window frame. Renolit can have a wood grain or sanded texture, is more like a vinyl wrap than a paint, and will not chip, scratch or fade when exposed to all types of weather over a long period of time. When choosing, a Renolit coating will add about 8% exterior and about 11% interior to the cost of the white UPVC window, no matter the colour. We can send textured swatches to assist in your choice.

Insect Screen

An insert style screen comes standard for each opening window.Screens are matched to the exterior colour of your windows.

Dimension Restrictions

On almost every project, we run into questions about window sizes and restrictions. Aluminium windows have an even stronger frame than PVC, and have fewer size restrictions. If your construction plans have windows which exceed our max possible dimensions, sometimes Aluminium is a soloution… Windows can be split up by mid-posts, with both fixed and tilt turn sections in any custom configuration.

Windows must fit into a 40′ shipping container, a height restriction. If total window height is greater than 2400mm, the window will be split into sections less than 2400mm wide.  The windows then will ship on their side.

PVC Tilt Turn Windows

  • Max height of opening panel: 2400mm
  • Max width of opening panel: 1300mm
  • Max area of opening panel: 2.5 sq.m.
  • Minimum dimensions of opening panel: 450mm
  • Minimum dimension when egress is required: 540mm (including the window frame)
  • Minimum unobstructed area: 0.35 sq. m. when egress is required, per diagram below

PVC Fixed Windows

  • Max glass dimensions: 3000mm x 2400mm (anything larger must be split up by midposts)
  • Minimum dimension: 250mm (either width or height)
  • Any angled window (rake windows) can angle down to a point, otherwise the minimum leg is 250mm per diagram


Egress windows provide an emergency exit from each bedroom, whether it is in the basement, main floor, or second floor. Egress windows must provide ventilation and must be opened from the inside without tools, keys, hardware or special knowledge. The function of the tilt turn window if perfect for an egress function (Many people ask). The specifications can differ depending on your location, so your AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) or architect should be consulted. This diagram is based on typical specifications required in Manitoba or Saskatchewan.

PVC Windows:

Aluminium Windows: